Its important to remove this President now, if possible in the next 72 hours.

This is an attempt to urge United States House to vote on articles of impeachment immediately in the next 72 hours.  There is already plenty of information to pass these papers against the POTUS, and then to subpoena President Trump to face these charges in a public hearing to the United States Senate and then to remove President Trump, and Pence, because of the grave violations of President Trump’s oath, and the People of These United States.  I am just one voter in 250 million voters in the U.S. There are already many polls showing the voice of the People that suggest that there is already a majority of voters now that support impeachment and removal of Donald Trump.  Pence I am sorry is guilty by Association, and by his continued condoning of what this President is allowed to get away with, violating the Laws of this Nation, Spreading Lies about this country, destroying our International Reputation, and Our International Foreign Policy; sacrificing National Security for his own Personal Interests.  We must stop this continued degradation of our Government, and this nation.  U.S. Congress has full authority to to demonstrate its highest powers and Legal authority over a President and his administration to assure the American Public, and our Allies around the World, that America is still there to help and lead the world into the next century, and to continue to show how strong and healthy our True Democracy is:  Please listen to my face to face plea, and share this with all your followers, through Social Media, and your fellow American’s no matter what Party they support.  We can no longer allow our President to destroy this Country and everything it represents. It is time for Congress to act NOW and TODAY.  I am proud to be an American, in the greatest nation on Earth.  God bless us all.  Aum Peace, Amen, In Shah Allah, for we are also a Nation where there is true Freedom of Religion too, Shalom. America I believe is strong because of its Diversity, based on sexual Preference, Sex, and Race.  Diversity is what defines America, not White Nationalism. Continue reading

It’s Time the people are heard. Let’s rock Congress nonviolently with our concerns. If the president can shut down the Executive branch, we can Shut down the internet and have this post go viral. Join me and nonviolently force the House and Senate to prepare the Impeachment papers and vote on the articles of impeachment in honor of Memorial one of our most sacred national Holidays. Thanks.

Should I run for County Commissioner in District 1 for Clark County?

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I’ve decided to a possible run for county commissioner in District 1 of Clark County.  Why? Because there are just plain too many Republican Pundit in control of this great county in Washington State.  They have butchered our voting process, destroyed the heart and spirit of Clark county with their Rhetoric.

They seek to also destroy what is left of our environment.  We need to free up our river for all fisherman.  We need to keep Coal out of this county.  We need to adopt Energy Efficient homes, and let the taxpayer and small business regain the hold they used to have.  Solar Cells are a must in Clark County. We can no longer let big business and not environmentally sound technologies be suppressed by the Corporate control of our County Council.  We need to connect with Oregon State.  We need to update our Police force, and we need to share labor and capital more effectively with our Portland, OR neighbors across the river.  These states were never expected to be enemies, but allies.  It was only a fluke by the Federal Government that split the original Oregon Territories from our Great Nation, when Oregon, Washington and Idaho were given too much sovereignty.  But we can admire our Idahoan, and Oregonian, regional allies, and come together in a much more economically sound and politically connected way.

My possible campaign for County Commissioner District 1 is not an attempt to break the sovereignty of our State Political affiliation but instead as an attempt to join with our Oregon and Idaho Neighbors on a regional level, as it was intended in the beginning when the Oregon Territories were broken apart by the United States Government.

Will you join me in this new view and paradigm of Regional Sovereignty we deserve?  Building a new Columbia River Crossing will also be a united attempt to allow more effective economic exchanges with our Oregon Neighbors. A small toll will suffice to share and develop this grand project with the Oregon DMV.  With more capital coming into both our states from this powerful constructive project, Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and Clark counties can use the extra capital to build more affordable housing, reduce the homeless problem that plagues both of our States.

Only together can we find the Synergy to unite us against a potentially dictatorial U.S. Government that under the control of a rampant rogue President that has disregarded his office responsibilities and refused to protect and serve these young adults coming of age who are daily threatened by unregulated gun laws and are forced to live in fear when they go to school every day.  America needs the former Oregon Territories to stand together against the corrupt policies of this great nation under the control of Donald Trump.


Are We Ready America! Let’s do it.

Are We Ready now America to impeach President Trump?  Yes We Are!!! Follow me, it is now time for all who read this to join me in an Internet Revolution to save our Country from the treacherous claws of Donald Trump and his pundits!! Are you ready!!!, Let’s do it now……… God Bless America and for that which she will forever Stand!!!!

This is the time to honor what America truly means.

So much is happening in these troublesome times here in America. President Trumps time is almost done. It is very difficult to think about our nation’s next step in resolving these conflict. Such a powerful statement from Senator Corker about the President inability to do his job. Being that Senator Corker is the Chairman of the Foreign Relation Committee. His statements are clear. Please see the add by Washington Post Dated October 17, 2017 at this link……. . In this article, Corker demonstrates the important issues of our Presidency and why now it is time to remove him from the office. How we do that is not as easy as everyone might think. There are only two ways at this point we can legitimately remove this President, one if through the Impeachment Papers to be voted on and passed initially in the House of Representative which seems much more unlikely because of Ryan’s misguided leadership of the House. It would seem that if Congress is able to produce these papers that this would be an advantage for Speaker of the House Ryan, because the entire Executive Branch including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Secretary of State Tillerson, and Vice President Pence are all liable for Trumps continued violation of Federal laws, and his attempts to make the Executive Branch a place of Chaos. And in such a dire situation as the threat of North Korean ability to launch Nuclear missiles, we can no longer allow this President to have his finger on the Nuclear Codes in this difficult international crisis. So should the House actually pass Impeachment, Speaker Ryan would be very close to being given the Presidency, because he may be the only one with enough legal protection to take the Office of the Presidency according to the Line of Succession as set forth and defined in our U.S. Constitution, so why then is Ryan blocking these impeachment papers from being written up and voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives? Either he is really stupid, or afraid of the President to take the necessary actions to save our country our foreign relations policies and potentially the world. As Senator Corker Said, in one of his earlier statements against the President, that we are pushing ourselves ever closer to Nuclear War, which is a no win thing for all life on this planet. We must stop this President now, before he kills us all with his childish tweeting and political bs, as well as his intense hatred of the Free Press which is the metaphorical fourth branch of this government as set forth in the U.S. Constitution. So Speaker Ryan, Why not get your fellow Republican Colleagues in the U.S. House to write up these papers tomorrow, or as soon as Congress is back in session. You can be our President until the 2018 midterms when the Republican Party will most likely loose its current power in both the House of Representative and the U.S. Senate. Congressman Ryan, this may be the only time you’ll be recognized and to hold so much Power. Congressman Ryan, you’ll go down in History and be remembered as the One who saved what’s left of this Nation by taking action now……But there is only one other option to perhaps save humanity and the high ideals of this great nation, that I will explore in my next blog post.

In Response to my dear Friends Comments about the Charlottesville, tragedy she posted at Facebook.

This is a wonderful statement of truth. Love you my dear friend. As we approach this Full Solar Eclipse, the light breaks through and those that need to be disciplined and dealt with in a positive and supportive way, must now face the Judgement of the People and bear the true light of GOD’S word. Maybe there will be enough momentum now for Congress to act with the appropriate amount of force, and power to honor the laws and truths of this country, and act united against a dictatorial Executive Branch.
Eclipse energy is powerful stuff. One might say that GOD in the COSMOS and as my dear friend Katrina says, GOD Who created the Cosmos is making itself known.

I ask that we all may see the deeper light of this difficult and old convergence of the old and new values so that our nation, and its people will emerge victorious and regain a foothold to the deeper true nature of why it exists as defined by the Great Forefathers who developed and created the laws that make our country great, and that will continue to make our country great for centuries to come.

May God Bless us Everyone, as we face the shadows of our own ignorance in these tragic events. Aum Peace Amen,
and for my Native American Friends, May the power of Wakan Tanka come forth to unite our country and all its diverse values once again.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved—I do not expect the house to fall—but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.” We must all as citizens of this Great Nation, truly hear Lincoln’s words, for they are our words as a collective nation, with laws, and rules against such tragic attempts at rebirthing old and dead values of Fascism, and Racism.

We as a nation under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all sacrificed hundreds of thousands of human lives to make sure people like Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler will never again be given such dark power again in World War II. Let us not forget those soldiers, men and women, who gave their lives to preserve a nation and save it from tyranny and Fascism.

My dear friend Katrina offers her invaluable perspective as a Messianic Jew in this facebook post that I so much appreciated reading today upon the aftermath of these destructive racist attempts to hurt this country, and President Trump’s open and blatant condoning of this racial violence by recanting his comments in a live interview with him at Trump Tower this week in New York City.

His comments give justification for Racist Violence, the Return of Fascism, with the Neo Nazi’s who demonstrated and killed an innocent woman who courageously spoke up against them, costing her life and the Alt Right movements that seeks to destroy all that makes America Great.

Please see my friend’s post at facebook at this link:

We the people must urge our Senators, and Congresspeople to come together on a united Front against this Dictatorial Executive Branch, to make a statement clear and strong against Donald Trump to fight against his hate based rhetoric, and Fascist Belief values. Donald Trump should be fully censured initially by the U.S. Congress in both the House of Representatives, and the Senate on his comments as a minor attempt to condemn his destructive values against this great nation and the stronger response should be instead to immediately initiate Impeachments papers against Donald Trump Decreeing his incapacity mentally, to continue to hold his office as President of the United States.

He clearly professed in his edited comments when he appeared with his staff to discuss fundamental infrastructure issues of our Country his total disregard and disrespect for the laws and values set forth by our Forefathers in the birth of this nation, and should be removed as soon as it is suitable by the U.S. Congress united together on a basis of Collective Democratic Values that have made this country great and will continue to make our country ever greater. His mouth, anger and frustration got the best of him when he totally went off the script provided by his executive staff to make those comments at that Press Conference at Trump Towers opening the door and condoning the Alt Right and their hate based, racist, and anti-Semitic attacks on American Democracy and values.

Thanks for reading and listening to a concerned American Citizen rant about the tragedies and difficulties we have never faced in the intensity they are presented as a young nation striving to bring forth those values as defined by our forefathers, at its birth a short 240 years ago in 1776.